June 2014


Our second record, Alarms in the Heart, is available for preorder now.

It’s a modest enough milestone in the grand scheme of everything, but to us it’s a very meaningful marker. We’re still struggling to find words to describe the thing – the story of its making reaches from rough bedroom demos to lost hours in dark practice rooms. From endless studio weeks in the weird moonscape of Iceland, to a Glaswegian industrial estate and a West Country farmhouse. And the finished record sounds like those sprawling geographies, in a way – like a map of our own troubles and triumphs that ran alongside, from start to finish. It describes an arc, both in terms of the collection of stories it’s telling, and in the sense that it reflects a period of growth and great change for Dry the River itself. That’s as close to a description as we can get. Now for the cold hard facts:

The album will be released on Aug 25th 2014.

It will be supported by an autumn tour. Full UK dates and ticket links in the shows section, with more to be added further afield very soon.

For those of you who’ve waited so long – who keep thinking to check, and to ask, and who spur us on – we’ve put together preorder CD and LP bundles, with autumn tour tickets, and a beautiful (very limited!) signed poster designed by Luke Drozd around the themes of the album.


Alternatively, you can preorder the digital download on iTunes below. All iTunes preorders come with a free instant download of the first song we wrote for this record, Gethsemane.



Finally, we’re very excited to be able to share the video for Gethsemane below.

Thanks for listening.

DtR x

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